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Hi! Welcome to Evil Trepanny's Bar & Grill. This is a virtual pub for members and ex-members of the Etiquette Hell community, and members of the Modern Etiquette & Manners community, owned and run by phonemonkey with assistance from hazelstitch and born_to_me.


1. Don't be a jerk. If you want to drink here, please treat each other with courtesy and respect, unless you want to end up sitting on the sidewalk with a roared "GET OUT AND STAY OUT" ringing in your ears.
2. No Hawkers, Traders or Solicitors. Do not spam, advertise, or sell stuff here. That includes your religion.
3. I don't have a problem with people belonging to both Evil Trepanny's and Etiquette Hell (over on Delphi). However, the Etiquette Hell administration does have a problem with this forum, and they will ban you there for making negative comments about Etiquette Hell here, or for posting in a thread in which negative comments are made.
4. Make your peace with the Muse of Language. We all slip up now and then, but please try to use correct spelling and punctuation, capital letters where appropriate, paragraphing, and the like. Sorry, but this rule applies even if you are dyslexic - if you had IBS I wouldn't let you poo on the floor, either. There's an LJ spellcheck you can use. phonemonkey is a pedant extraordinaire, and can answer any language-related questions, should you have them.
5. Profanity and foul language are permitted (hey, it's a bar) but are expected to be original and/or creative, and shouldn't be directed at anyone who actually posts here.
6. Please respect locked posts and comments. Posts at Evil Trepanny's currently default to friends-only, although if you want to make your post public you can edit it after posting.
7. For the time being, there are no forbidden topics. Religion, politics, abortion, whether to let your cat outdoors, White Wolf v TSR - have at it provided we can do so with regard to rule #1. If we can't then I will change this rule becase, as your mother said, That's Why We Can't Have Nice Things.
8. Remember Scritzy's Coke Rule: if a post annoys you, count to ten. If a post really annoys you, count to one hundred. If a post infuriates you, order a Coke and take it out into the nice cool metaphorical garden to drink. But don't tell everyone - that's passive-aggressive and whiny.
9. It is permitted to nurse babies in Evil Trepanny's. Nursing mothers may feel more comfortable wearing an Invisible Cloak of Invisibility. We keep a couple of these behind the bar for our customers' convenience, but we do ask for a small refundable cash deposit, as they just seem to disappear.
10. All photos are to go behind an LJ-cut, with a description of what the photo is and if it is Not Safe For Work. No exceptions. Please refer to the FAQ for how to make an LJ-cut. Other things that should go behind a cut are spoilers (The Wasp Factory is an awesome book, but it's even better if you can find out the surprise ending for yourself) and particularly disgusting anecdotes.
11. Evil Trepanny has a second job as an advice columnist. If you're in need of advice, feel free to post, but don't expect anything other than evil advice.
12. This community is completely unofficial, and is not affiliated with etiquettehell.com or any Delphi Forums community.