Flarn-Munching Priestess of Z'Ha'Dum (commanderd) wrote in evil_trepannys,
Flarn-Munching Priestess of Z'Ha'Dum

More tales of idiocy

From my beloved employer, who I refer to as "Dead Database Towers" when on other forums.

A northern co-worker informed me today of the hilarity in the office when a young lady working there forgot the first rule of email etiquette:

1. Always check the 'To:' field before sending.

She intended to send a small note to her team pleading for money to post bail for her boyfriend. Now that is idiotic in itself, but it gets better.

Instead of sending it to her team, she sent it to all the teams in the territory. Some 800 users got that email. Last I heard was that the regional director (a very old-school type of businessman, fair, hardworking but takes no rubbish) was less than impressed at receiving an email begging for money to post bail.

Kind of reminds me of all the times people have recieved "we're getting married! give us money!" or "we're having a baby! give us money!" cards from people they hardly know. I think asking the entire regional office for cash falls into the same boat...
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