grayecam (grayecam) wrote in evil_trepannys,

Why is it so hard to just accept the differences?

Ok, I finally have a question for debate that might be appropriate to post here.

I've noticed recently that people, both online and in real-life, have a hard time accepting that not everyone thinks the same way they do. Why is it so incredibly hard to just accept that and move on? I mean, just because someone might believe differently politically, religiously, or otherwise than you do, does that make them a bad person? And is it necessary to insult or harass them about those differences.

Thinking of the most simplistic example here:

Two people are at a party. The conversation goes to school and children. One person says "My children are responsible for their own homework. I ask if they've done it, and if they say yes, I trust them.If I get a note home, or they receive bad marks on their report cards, then we deal with it."

So the second parent doesn't agree with this method. They check after their children every night to make sure homework has been completed and is correct. Ok that's a different way of doing things and neither one is the absolute correct or incorrect way to do things, right?

But then the second parent says "I think parents who don't check their kids homework are irresponsible."

Am I wrong in thinking that the second parent has in effect, just insulted the first parent?

This is just an example, it could apply to any little or big thing, like democrats and republicans, or Christian and pagans, or putting clothes away straight out of the dryer and not doing it until you need it.

Why is it so hard to say, hey, she thinks differently, and I think *I* am right, but that doesn't mean she's an awful person or that I have to hate her or insult her. I mean, is it so hard to just think someone is wrong about something but keep it to yourself?
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