Fernanda (phonemonkey) wrote in evil_trepannys,

A couple of things

First of all, some Geekly Host Etiquette - a nice article about How To Throw A Large Room Party At A Science Fiction Convention. http://nielsenhayden.com/makinglight/archives/007898.html#007898

I especially like the following line: Living organisms may not be brought in on a leash. Pets are right out, too.

Secondly, I would remind everyone here (and I am not singling anyone out) to please keep debate courteous and refrain from personal attacks on present or absent friends. And that includes you, young Timothy Foo.

Thirdly, to celebrate the fact that I'm going on vacation in the Netherlands and Belgium, this week's special drink offers are on genever (Dutch gin), frambozen (raspberry beer), kriek (cherry beer) and lambic. Steaks, mussels and frites will also be served.
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