Fernanda (phonemonkey) wrote in evil_trepannys,

Geek Wedding Concept

I've been thinking about the Unity Candle ceremony that is included in many weddings. You see, the problem that I have with the Unity Candle ceremony is that you don't actually need two little candles to light the big candle - one will do just fine. To me, that doesn't really symbolise the union of two souls into something bigger and better.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you...the Unity Thermite Reaction!

The thermite reaction is a very dangerous and extremely cool chemical reaction between powdered iron oxide and aluminium. It can't be extinguished, and you get intense heat and white-hot molten iron.

I've even written a little homily.

"Brothers and Sisters, as we watch the magnesium ribbon that symbolises the wedding day burning down towards the iron oxide that symbolises Michael and the aluminium that symbolises Karen, we pause to remind ourselves of how the white-hot flame of their love, a flame which cannot be put out, forges the strong iron of marriage. Amen. And wasn't that awesome?"

I think it might have to become part of the Slappatarian marriage ceremony. The outdoor Slappatarian marriage ceremony.
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