Flarn-Munching Priestess of Z'Ha'Dum (commanderd) wrote in evil_trepannys,
Flarn-Munching Priestess of Z'Ha'Dum

I think what is required here...

..is a cup of tea!

I'm putting the kettle on, anyone want a cuppa?
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Yes please. I'll take half a sugar and plenty of milk.

*Passes the biscuits*
Thank you for pouring; it is very kind of you to offer. *takes a biscuit, nibbles politely*

Two sugars and lemon, for mine, please?
Wouldn't mind one at all. I think I would like a donut, too. I'm a bit hungry this afternoon.
Please! I'm gasping.
Yes please!
Hell yah! I didn't earn it posting wise, but after spending an afternoon in rural Ontario, I've earned it in spades dealing with a lot of stupid bigots.

Creamed Earl Grey please!
Rural Ontario? That would be east of Scarborough?
West of Yonge. ;) But in this case, east and north of K-W.
Dealing with stupid bigots DEFINITELY should earn you a cup of tea!

More than one, in fact.
Yes, please.

Here, I brought Tim Tams to go around...